-=-=- Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum DVD-=-=-
Archived by: North (ccooldean/Comicz.) and some of the original staff of abject.
DVD Acquired by: North

Forward: Hi, so basically I nabbed this DVD on my trip to Marvin's in around 2016/2017, a few months before Marvin's passing.
I actually met his son because I won a free T-Shirt! Anyway, not important. I found this DVD there for free, so I took it,
and I can't seem to find it anywhere else online, so I figured I should archive it.
So, with the help of some other guys, we managed to rip the DVD and upload it to YouTube.
The original channel:
However, it was never quite archived well enough, so I figured I should upload it here. So while, yes, the DVD aspect will be
more confusing (even though the videos are equally confusing since annotations broke a long time ago), this text document serves
to explain what the videos are, using their original YouTube descriptions. Enjoy!

Original Description:
Watching this video on its own? You won't get the full experience! Click here to go to a playlist that mimics the DVD menu:
Updated Description:
It's the intro. It's a bit weird and wonky and you can definitely tell that it's older than when I found it in 2016, but it's charming nonetheless.

Original Description:
Kill R. Watt 1:52
Anteater 2:21
Merlin 2:51
Guillotine 3:21
Ring Leader 3:51
Electric Chair 4:21
Nose Picker 4:51
Ragtime Band 5:21
Dr. Ralph Bingenpurge 5:51
Marvin's Lunchtime 6:21
Make $20 6:51
Mind amplifier 7:21
Gallows 7:51
Invisible People 8:21
Crankenstein 8:51
Hell's Kitchen 9:21
Brass Flyer 9:51
The Brain 10:21
Updated Description:
It's the main feature, but with the title screen! It's a bunch of admittedly really nice recordings of each and every famous mechanical machine in Marvin's. See above for timecodes.

Begin Tour:
Original Description:
Kill R. Watt 0:06
Anteater 1:28
Merlin 1:58
Guillotine 2:54
Ring Leader 3:18
Electric Chair 3:34
Nose Picker 3:59
Ragtime Band 4:20
Dr. Ralph Bingenpurge 5:54
Marvin's Lunchtime 6:17
Make $20 6:54
Mind amplifier 7:45
Gallows 8:31
Invisible People 8:55
Crankenstein 9:20
Hell's Kitchen 9:48
Brass Flyer 10:47
The Brain 11:34
Credits 12:28
Updated Description:
This version seems to be slightly longer than the version with the title screen somehow, not even accounting for the credits at the end that aren't in the Title clip. Admittedly, our process for ripping the DVD wasn't the best lol.

Original Description:
I don't know how to get to this on the DVD!!
Updated Description:
Honestly, I'm sure there's a way to get this on the DVD, it's just been years since I've looked at it. Either way it seems to be mostly a slideshow. If I ever bother looking into it, I'll be sure to update this .txt. But honestly iirc there was a slideshow section in the DVD, so it's not that mysterious.

Original Description:
Updated Description:
More slideshow.

Original Description:
Updated Description:
Even more slideshow

Original Description:
Updated Description:
What's this? A snow poff.

ok bye lmao