Transcript of The HITS Chat Party on 9/16/08.

I didn't know when this should have started, so I cut off everything before Bora entered at 12:06am
I also have no idea why some people's names don't appear in the brackets. There is no way to bring them back, either.



[ChatParty!!!]: Bora has entered at 12:06 am
[] 12:06 am: Woah, guys have you seen the video on joes Facebook? The spanish weather people?
[] 12:06 am: Holy snap!
[olwhatshername] 12:06 am: O.O
[nivekbackwards] 12:06 am: now its a party
[] 12:06 am: woah.
[] 12:06 am: Bora?!
[cozbaldwin] 12:06 am: Who the hell is Bora?!
[] 12:06 am: bora??
[joshmore] 12:06 am: wrapped up in what, coz, the drama?
[DwightTheGreat] 12:06 am: Welcome Bora bora
[nivekbackwards] 12:06 am: quick, everyone yell!
[] 12:06 am: good eeeeevening
[zcode7] 12:07 am: no fucking way, Bora is in the room?!
[olwhatshername] 12:07 am: bora whose inner ear rings at a b flat
[zcode7] 12:07 am: THE Bora?!
[zcode7] 12:07 am: bora bora?
[joshmore] 12:07 am: bora makes me sport a semi
[DwightTheGreat] 12:07 am: it's like skype all over again
[Bora] 12:07 am: FACTUAL
[] 12:07 am: Probably
[] 12:07 am: It could be an impostor
[] 12:07 am: wow.
[] 12:07 am: Bora: Do you owe me anything?
[DwightTheGreat] 12:07 am: nnaaaaah
[joshmore] 12:07 am: that would be lame
[] 12:07 am: could be.....
[] 12:07 am: lets test
[] 12:07 am: now way...
[] 12:07 am: haha
[] 12:07 am: no*
[Bora] 12:07 am: nope!
[zcode7] 12:07 am: so....tally hall fan drug use?
[DwightTheGreat] 12:07 am: i'm clean
[] 12:07 am: This Bora is either a liar or an impostor
[Bora] 12:08 am: Ah there we go
[] 12:08 am: I am *owed*
[nivekbackwards] 12:08 am: hey!
[zcode7] 12:08 am: lol awkward silence
[] 12:08 am: I won fair and square
[cozbaldwin] 12:08 am: another test: Bora what shirt are you wearing right now.
[joshmore] 12:08 am: hahaha
[Bora] 12:08 am: There more orange
[] 12:08 am: whats your last name bora
[] 12:08 am: just herion
[nivekbackwards] 12:08 am: Thanks
[joshmore] 12:08 am: orange IS quite bora-esque
[Bora] 12:08 am: Stevens
[] 12:08 am: LIES
[] 12:08 am: SCANDALOUS
[nivekbackwards] 12:09 am: hmm, that IS a name....
[olwhatshername] 12:09 am: sometimes a little crack but that's it
[] 12:09 am: stevens???
[joshmore] 12:09 am: whoa, crack? you, jill?
[ChatParty!!!]: lydia has entered at 12:09 am
[zcode7] 12:09 am: thought so
[nivekbackwards] 12:09 am: Now its a paryty
[olwhatshername] 12:09 am: omg all the time josh!!11!!!
[DwightTheGreat] 12:09 am: crack kills
[ChatParty!!!]: garrulous has entered at 12:09 am
[cozbaldwin] 12:09 am: 20 minutes till showtime.
[] 12:09 am: karaca..
[zcode7] 12:09 am: dude has anybody else noticed tally hallaging a little
[garrulous] 12:09 am: oooo that's cool
[olwhatshername] 12:09 am: and i'm obvi really serious you guys
[joshmore] 12:09 am: wait wait wait, f'serious or are were joking, jill
[] 12:09 am: i also like to drink turpentine with acid in it
[zcode7] 12:09 am: like i have pics from the pingry show, and they look so much younger
[DwightTheGreat] 12:10 am: wow, it's a hodgepodge of people
[joshmore] 12:10 am: oh
[joshmore] 12:10 am: that fixes things
[DwightTheGreat] 12:10 am: i like that word
[olwhatshername] 12:10 am: no, completely joking
[joshmore] 12:10 am: phew...
[joshmore] 12:10 am: i was about to get mega mega concerned
[nivekbackwards] 12:10 am: ahaha
[] 12:10 am: zach, post them on facebook
[zcode7] 12:10 am: oh man i have no idea where they are lol
[zcode7] 12:10 am: actually i do
[DwightTheGreat] 12:10 am: is everyone watching cbs right now?
[cozbaldwin] 12:10 am: Tally Hall is not forever young?
[zcode7] 12:10 am: g2 get my external hard drive though
[] 12:11 am: letterman
[cozbaldwin] 12:11 am: I have pingry show shots on HITS, tallyhallic
[DwightTheGreat] 12:11 am: yeah
[zcode7] 12:11 am: ah but i can't
[zcode7] 12:11 am: only have one outlet in the common room
[] 12:11 am: why nooot
[zcode7] 12:11 am: lol i think i'm in one of those shots
[] 12:11 am: aah
[] 12:11 am: baah
[garrulous] 12:11 am: where's mr. moon?!
[garrulous] 12:11 am: =[
[nivekbackwards] 12:11 am: Could everyone...yell a lot when TH goes on, so those of use who need to get to a tv can?
[cozbaldwin] 12:11 am: i locked him in the bathroom
[DwightTheGreat] 12:11 am: NOT HERE!!!
[joshmore] 12:11 am: in his lounge?
[DwightTheGreat] 12:11 am: finally
[ChatParty!!!]: has left at 12:11 am
[] 12:11 am: aww you guys are cute posing with your dogs!
[joshmore] 12:12 am: my bitches?
[] 12:12 am: haha, oh yeah, thanks for that pose idea zach
[garrulous] 12:12 am: wait. what?
[cozbaldwin] 12:12 am: DID YOU KNOW? You all can submit your Tally Hall concert photos to the HITS GALLERIES??? its Fun! and EASY! and NUTRITIOUS!
[zcode7] 12:12 am: which pose idea?
[olwhatshername] 12:12 am: wait what?
[olwhatshername] 12:12 am: who is posing with dogs?
[joshmore] 12:12 am: contains no Guarana.
[garrulous] 12:12 am: coz?
[] 12:13 am: moms love them too!
[cozbaldwin] 12:13 am: hi
[ChatParty!!!]: 10SNE1? has entered at 12:13 am
[garrulous] 12:13 am: hi
[10SNE1?] 12:13 am: hi
[garrulous] 12:13 am: hi
[10SNE1?] 12:13 am: how is everyone?
[] 12:13 am: Hiya
[cozbaldwin] 12:13 am: hi
[nivekbackwards] 12:13 am: hi
[] 12:13 am: I'm alright
[olwhatshername] 12:13 am: hello!!
[jleeirwi] 12:13 am: i enjoy the sound it makes when people enter the chatroom
[joshmore] 12:13 am: i could be better
[] 12:13 am: me and zach with dogs on facebook
[] 12:14 am: i would just like to announce that i share a birthday with soulja boy
[garrulous] 12:14 am: me too
[cozbaldwin] 12:14 am: glad you like it, jleer
[] 12:14 am: fyi
[garrulous] 12:14 am: i smile everytime someone comes in
[ChatParty!!!]: lydia has left at 12:14 am
[jleeirwi] 12:14 am: you made it from the nu-myx thing or whatever didn't you
[olwhatshername] 12:14 am: it's jennie's birthday!
[] 12:14 am: so bora went silent...
[joshmore] 12:15 am: i'd like to alert everyone that there is a blister on both of my toes, courtesy of my sandals
[cozbaldwin] 12:15 am: yes i did
[] 12:15 am: happy birthday jennie!
[olwhatshername] 12:15 am: bora we love you?
[] 12:15 am: i wish she was here
[DwightTheGreat] 12:15 am: i think bora is a cool cat
[joshmore] 12:15 am: it took me a while to remember who she was
[] 12:15 am: oucchhh
[cozbaldwin] 12:15 am: sad.
[] 12:15 am: bora is the bomb.
[joshmore] 12:16 am: i had to burn more than just justin and caleb's bridges
[garrulous] 12:16 am: i'm jealous of bora and his awesomeness. i wish he would/could give me lessons
[nivekbackwards] 12:16 am: more like... BORE-a
[olwhatshername] 12:16 am: i'm green now
[nivekbackwards] 12:16 am: (sorry)
[joshmore] 12:16 am: greener
[joshmore] 12:16 am: ;D
[] 12:16 am: whooooa those are fighting words!
[olwhatshername] 12:16 am: hwo can you not remember jennie?!
[nivekbackwards] 12:16 am: :Punch:
[cozbaldwin] 12:17 am: CRAIG TEASER on cbs
[joshmore] 12:17 am: i tend to forget people not constant in my life
[DwightTheGreat] 12:17 am: what happened to her, i see her no more
[olwhatshername] 12:17 am: i'm gonna go to the tv
[cozbaldwin] 12:17 am: wonder if she got caught up in the drama
[joshmore] 12:17 am: easy short answer: yes.
[joshmore] 12:17 am: but she handled it better than anyone, really
[cozbaldwin] 12:17 am: uuuuugggghh
[] 12:17 am: hahah
[garrulous] 12:17 am: i wanna learn to play the little jingle they play in the t.h.i.s.
[] 12:17 am: how so?
[garrulous] 12:17 am: when zubin and andrew play basketball
[joshmore] 12:18 am: honestly, i don't know. i haven't spoken to her since.........
[cozbaldwin] 12:18 am: seriously, i wanted to smack anyone that befriended that dude and say "what are you doing?!" no offense.
[olwhatshername] 12:18 am: i don't think jennie gave a shit about drama
[nivekbackwards] 12:18 am: ITMOS
[olwhatshername] 12:18 am: BE BORN
[] 12:18 am: guys all this talk of the drama is bumming me out
[DwightTheGreat] 12:18 am: what dude?
[cozbaldwin] 12:18 am: ok ok ok
[10SNE1?] 12:18 am: Ruler
[] 12:18 am: good choice olwht
[DwightTheGreat] 12:18 am: ITMOS ftw
[] 12:18 am: how does that part in my humps go about drama?
[nivekbackwards] 12:19 am: yup
[cozbaldwin] 12:19 am: i cant decide.
[olwhatshername] 12:19 am: llllaggggg
[] 12:19 am: no no no no drama drama
[] 12:19 am: something like that
[joshmore] 12:19 am: greener
[garrulous] 12:19 am: lol
[joshmore] 12:19 am: it will always been greener for me
[cozbaldwin] 12:19 am: no thats the amy winehouse song
[] 12:19 am: how 'bout spring and a storm?
[ChatParty!!!]: HomeStarRunnerTron has entered at 12:19 am
[] 12:19 am: s'what craig likes
[garrulous] 12:19 am: YAY
[DwightTheGreat] 12:19 am: i love saas
[joshmore] 12:19 am: HOMESTAR RUNNER.
[cozbaldwin] 12:19 am: HEY!! HSRT!
[] 12:19 am: amy winehouse sings that?
[] 12:19 am: i say,
[] 12:19 am: if its a tally hall song, its good.
[Bora] 12:19 am: Nookie
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:19 am: Heya! :D
[cozbaldwin] 12:19 am: just being silly klara.
[ChatParty!!!]: has left at 12:20 am
[] 12:20 am: oh sorry
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:20 am: I just gots back from school... :P
[] 12:20 am: that went right over my head
[joshmore] 12:20 am: so you can take that cookie
[cozbaldwin] 12:20 am: If "Dream" were a bit longer, it would be my fave.
[garrulous] 12:20 am: mmm
[garrulous] 12:20 am: i do love dream
[garrulous] 12:20 am: i like a capela
[nivekbackwards] 12:20 am: Dream is really nice, but its tough to compare it to other songs
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:20 am: -- Man, I REALLY wanna get that... but I didn't get the album off the net.
[joshmore] 12:20 am: it's sad that i don't immediately know what song is what now
[zcode7] 12:20 am: OMG WE DO HAVE THE SAME POSE AHHH
[joshmore] 12:20 am: in terms of what isn't on 4M
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:21 am: Have they made dream available my itself yet?
[ChatParty!!!]: DwightTheGreat has left at 12:21 am
[ChatParty!!!]: DwightTheGreat has entered at 12:21 am
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:21 am: by itself *
[] 12:21 am: is anyone watching dave letterman atm?
[garrulous] 12:21 am: i have dream
[garrulous] 12:21 am: but not on this computer
[garrulous] 12:21 am: i don't think
[garrulous] 12:21 am: and i can't put it on my zune
[] 12:21 am: i am watching
[cozbaldwin] 12:21 am: yes letterman
[jleeirwi] 12:22 am: i'm watching letterman, rumer willis and her poor oddly-shaped head
[] 12:22 am: shes demi moores daughter, but is probably older than ashton...
[joshmore] 12:22 am: i actually will not be watching tonight
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:22 am: -- I have a dog'gone eternal love of a cappella music-- and I'd say Dream goes under that category.
[garrulous] 12:22 am: what does he come on?
[garrulous] 12:22 am: aren't they on it?
[jleeirwi] 12:22 am: 12:35
[] 12:22 am: ...sigh
[10SNE1?] 12:22 am: it's only 9:22 here :(
[joshmore] 12:22 am: no TV and the lounge is closed
[jleeirwi] 12:22 am: is when the show starts
[garrulous] 12:22 am: have you heard of rock a pella?
[garrulous] 12:22 am: lol
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:22 am: YES.
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:22 am: YES. I HAVE.
[DwightTheGreat] 12:22 am: i hope the next album has full songs that are similar to dream
[cozbaldwin] 12:22 am: yeah
[] 12:22 am: 10SNE1, do you have to wait for craig, then?
[garrulous] 12:22 am: =]
[joshmore] 12:22 am: on that notes, I must take my leave
[garrulous] 12:22 am: sorry to excite you
[joshmore] 12:22 am: i have a notebook to find and sleep to sleep
[zcode7] 12:22 am: is dream the one they played at the knitting factory?
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:22 am: Have any of YOU heard of TAKE 6?
[garrulous] 12:22 am: haha
[] 12:23 am: bye josh!
[10SNE1?] 12:23 am: yes :(
[zcode7] 12:23 am: like the only one that was def. not a cover but i never heard before?
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:23 am: -- See you soon, Josh!
[10SNE1?] 12:23 am: stupid west coast
[garrulous] 12:23 am: i think i've heard OF
[cozbaldwin] 12:23 am: Dwight: Dream is kinda dark sounding. Im told their new songs are a bit on the darker side. so... melodically they may be.
[] 12:23 am: man, thats rough :-\
[garrulous] 12:23 am: them
[joshmore] 12:23 am: it was wonderfull speaking with you old friends again
[] 12:23 am: you should have come to the east for tonight, just to see tally hall on time
[joshmore] 12:23 am: i don't know why i'm spelling this stuff wrong
[zcode7] 12:23 am: yeah they really are on the dark side!
[joshmore] 12:23 am: but yes, i bid all adieu
[DwightTheGreat] 12:23 am: i know, every time i hear it will be dark, i get so happy
[zcode7] 12:23 am: they're practically SITH
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:23 am: It's been wonderfull with all you, toos!
[] 12:23 am: bye josh!
[garrulous] 12:23 am: i have "15 seconds of bora stuck in my head"
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:23 am: -- and I'm staying here, though!
[DwightTheGreat] 12:23 am: bye
[] 12:23 am: they did dream at the knitting factory, yes
[garrulous] 12:23 am: oops
[cozbaldwin] 12:23 am: ^ true
[cozbaldwin] 12:24 am: bye josh
[DwightTheGreat] 12:24 am: yeah
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:24 am: but I'm *
[garrulous] 12:24 am: "15 seconds of bora"
[joshmore] 12:24 am: friend me on facebook if i deleted you-- i was a jerk and did that
[DwightTheGreat] 12:24 am: i loved that episode
[] 12:24 am: with the itunes-esque visualizer
[zcode7] 12:24 am: they're probably just going to play good day, think about it lol
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:24 am: My inner ear rings at a high b fl- FIFTEEN SECONDS OF BOOORAAA!
[garrulous] 12:24 am: well i just watched that part of the 1st episode
[garrulous] 12:24 am: it's on pause
[garrulous] 12:24 am: waiting for me
[cozbaldwin] 12:24 am: its a catchy jingle
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:24 am: inner right ear *
[DwightTheGreat] 12:24 am: it's a darn shame they didn't like the Taken For A Ride video enough to include it
[garrulous] 12:24 am: hahahaha
[garrulous] 12:24 am: :D
[] 12:24 am: so the episodes come out every other week for the internet show?
[DwightTheGreat] 12:24 am: i imagine so
[nivekbackwards] 12:25 am: yes
[nivekbackwards] 12:25 am: bi-weekly
[] 12:25 am: or twice a week, mayhaps?
[] 12:25 am: just kidding
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:25 am: Wait-- buh-but they ARE going to show Taken for a Ride in the Internet Show, though, right? *sobs*-- I NEED to see it finished
[garrulous] 12:25 am: every OTHER week?
[] 12:25 am: sort of
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:25 am: finished! *
[ChatParty!!!]: joshmore has left at 12:25 am
[] 12:25 am: finished?
[] 12:25 am: i just need to see that bubble wrap get destroyed by the cement press
[cozbaldwin] 12:25 am: I hope they include the TAKEN video too
[nivekbackwards] 12:25 am: I imagine they will
[DwightTheGreat] 12:25 am: well, in NY i asked andrew about it, he said it was neat, but they didn't feel like it was something that should be released
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:25 am: You know, since they showed the work-in-progress on Rockinanimations for the contest in animating things over their initial footage.
[DwightTheGreat] 12:26 am: like it was good, but not excellent
[cozbaldwin] 12:26 am: i see
[ChatParty!!!]: Kitsune has entered at 12:26 am
[] 12:26 am: whoa
[garrulous] 12:26 am: well they need to come to me
[cozbaldwin] 12:26 am: well i found it odd that the contest people never even posted the winner
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:26 am: Aaaw... but... even the work in progress video felt up to par with Good Day!
[garrulous] 12:26 am: cause nothing ever comes here
[cozbaldwin] 12:26 am: hey kitsune!
[olwhatshername] 12:26 am: omg hi
[olwhatshername] 12:26 am: OMG HI
[DwightTheGreat] 12:26 am: i would have enjoyed seeing it, but i just mainly want the Ruler video
[DwightTheGreat] 12:26 am: and the next album
[olwhatshername] 12:26 am: i'm in my room wiht my roomates TV
[Kitsune] 12:26 am: hello hello
[olwhatshername] 12:26 am: watching dave
[zcode7] 12:27 am: COZ GREAT IDEA FOR A CONTEST BTW.
[zcode7] 12:27 am: i would totally do it if i currently owned a camera
[] 12:27 am: whats the deadline for that
[cozbaldwin] 12:27 am: THHAANKS! TOO BAD NO ONE IS ENTERING IT!
[nivekbackwards] 12:27 am: Coz, have you recieved any entries yet?
[cozbaldwin] 12:27 am: 9/30
[cozbaldwin] 12:27 am: NONE!
[] 12:27 am: what contest?
[cozbaldwin] 12:27 am: no wait!! the guy from England entered
[] 12:27 am: im sooo doing it
[DwightTheGreat] 12:27 am: a guy from england?
[nivekbackwards] 12:27 am: I would love to enter, but its the first month of school, its been busy, if I can find time, hopefully
[DwightTheGreat] 12:27 am: neato
[cozbaldwin] 12:28 am: yeah, cant remember his name but he is OBBBBSESSEED
[zcode7] 12:28 am: i totally would
[zcode7] 12:28 am: i'm sowwy
[zcode7] 12:28 am: can i animate it?
[olwhatshername] 12:28 am: i want to but i'm sooo busy
[] 12:28 am: hes like, blond and skinny?
[nivekbackwards] 12:28 am: thats what I was going to do
[cozbaldwin] 12:28 am: sure - any sort of music video is fine
[] 12:28 am: ive seen his postings on tally halls myspace
[Kitsune] 12:28 am: ditto
[cozbaldwin] 12:28 am: yes tallyhallic
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:28 am: *pats camera* I had the Ruler video 80% done... until my HD crashed, so I'm hoping it's all going to be all right.
[jleeirwi] 12:28 am: ooh is that the creepy guy who looks like a stalker in his picture who always says zubin's better than everyone?
[cozbaldwin] 12:28 am: thats him
[jleeirwi] 12:29 am: creeeeeeepy
[DwightTheGreat] 12:29 am: haha
[cozbaldwin] 12:29 am: but i didnt say that!
[] 12:29 am: haha
[jleeirwi] 12:29 am: but i did!
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:29 am: Be- right- back! *FLEE*
[] 12:29 am: alright, i'm getting pretty tired
[] 12:29 am: didnt say... what?
[nivekbackwards] 12:29 am: me too
[] 12:29 am: i think i'm going to head out
[] 12:29 am: it was great talking to all of you
[cozbaldwin] 12:29 am: what! its minutes from coming on
[] 12:29 am: !
[] 12:30 am: MINUTES
[] 12:30 am: yeah, but what if they don't come on until the end of the show?
[olwhatshername] 12:30 am: but they're not till the end soo...
[nivekbackwards] 12:30 am: mere minutes
[Bora] 12:30 am: what is going on
[DwightTheGreat] 12:30 am: min uts
[Kitsune] 12:30 am: oh em ef gee
[cozbaldwin] 12:30 am: of course youll have to wait to the end.. yeah
[] 12:30 am: thats not an excuse
[jleeirwi] 12:30 am: actually won't it probably be on in another hour, toward the end of the show?
[jleeirwi] 12:30 am: haha
[] 12:30 am: hi bora :)
[Bora] 12:30 am: hiiiiiii
[cozbaldwin] 12:30 am: Bora? Could I get a quarter from you, dogg?
[garrulous] 12:30 am: i love you bora
[Bora] 12:30 am: negative
[] 12:30 am: the shows only 30 mins, isnt it?
[DwightTheGreat] 12:30 am: come on, if you leave now you'll never see them play Good Day live!
[DwightTheGreat] 12:31 am: :p
[olwhatshername] 12:31 am: and i've NEVER seen good day live. ever. never.
[garrulous] 12:31 am: wait. what?
[] 12:31 am: hold on let me investigate the length of it
[cozbaldwin] 12:31 am: Should Bora tell us what song was performed? Or if they got talk time?
[DwightTheGreat] 12:31 am: i jest
[nivekbackwards] 12:31 am: I vote yes
[DwightTheGreat] 12:31 am: they just usually play that to support this album
[] 12:31 am: sure
[10SNE1?] 12:31 am: i'm sorry jill
[olwhatshername] 12:31 am: wait... what?
[olwhatshername] 12:31 am: i was kidding around
[cozbaldwin] 12:31 am: I vote yes.
[Kitsune] 12:31 am: I really hope they get talk time again!
[garrulous] 12:31 am: i've never seen them live. ever. never
[] 12:31 am: coz, i think it should be a surprise
[] 12:31 am: it's just 30 minutes
[Kitsune] 12:31 am: that was sweet
[nivekbackwards] 12:31 am: Thats two votes for yes
[10SNE1?] 12:31 am: that you have never seen good day live
[nivekbackwards] 12:32 am: Its only 30 mintues? Really?
[Bora] 12:32 am: it's not on yet?
[] 12:32 am: surprises are overrated
[DwightTheGreat] 12:32 am: not yet sir
[Kitsune] 12:32 am: not yet
[] 12:32 am: i THINK
[nivekbackwards] 12:32 am: I find that.... incredible hard to believe
[] 12:32 am: Bora: Can you get me an interview with the gentleman who penned Tally Hall's bio?
[garrulous] 12:32 am: i've never seen tally hall live
[] 12:32 am: The one on their new site?
[garrulous] 12:32 am: except youtube videos
[10SNE1?] 12:32 am: i've had a long day, sry
[] 12:32 am: His name is Bernie J. Michael
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:32 am: Bora, how in the world did you discover the pitch of your inner right ear?!
[nivekbackwards] 12:32 am: Me either Garrulous
[DwightTheGreat] 12:32 am: it's very well written
[] 12:32 am: garrulous, really????
[] 12:32 am: nive too!?
[nivekbackwards] 12:32 am: yup
[garrulous] 12:32 am: YES ='[
[] 12:32 am: man.... why not?!
[nivekbackwards] 12:33 am: I was supposed to see them last year, but circumstances changed :(
[garrulous] 12:33 am: nobody comes to mississippi
[garrulous] 12:33 am: they probably forget that it's a state
[] 12:33 am: go to them!!
[olwhatshername] 12:33 am: yeahhhh!!!
[olwhatshername] 12:33 am: iz on
[] 12:33 am: tally hall needs to tour the south!
[nivekbackwards] 12:33 am: woo
[] 12:33 am: not yet haha
[garrulous] 12:33 am: give me money?!
[olwhatshername] 12:33 am: nope
[olwhatshername] 12:33 am: never mind
[garrulous] 12:33 am: i'm in college!
[10SNE1?] 12:33 am: i'm going to try to go to the show tomoroow in LA
[Kitsune] 12:33 am: not for me :(
[10SNE1?] 12:33 am: *tomorrow
[] 12:33 am: garr, come to psu when they come here again
[] 12:33 am: ay yi yi i just don't know what to do
[] 12:33 am: i feel like i'm so close
[] 12:33 am: but i'm so tired
[] 12:33 am: its not that far haha
[Bora] 12:33 am: an interview with bernie j?
[Kitsune] 12:33 am: I'm transfering out to LA
[] 12:33 am: rive, too
[garrulous] 12:33 am: pennsylvania?
[Bora] 12:34 am: you guys ask questions so fast
[DwightTheGreat] 12:34 am: when they go to psu, i'll drive 3 hours and visit again
[nivekbackwards] 12:34 am: is Craig really only 30 minutes?
[DwightTheGreat] 12:34 am: yeah
[] 12:34 am: yeah
[olwhatshername] 12:34 am: you guys i fel like such a dork!
[cozbaldwin] 12:34 am: yes craig is only 30 mins
[] 12:34 am: I would like an interview with Bernie J, yes
[] 12:34 am: why?
[10SNE1?] 12:34 am: drink a soda klara
[nivekbackwards] 12:34 am: wow
[] 12:34 am: dwight, for real?? yay
[olwhatshername] 12:34 am: i;m alone in my room and all my friends are hanging out next door
[ChatParty!!!]: HomeStarRunnerTron has left at 12:34 am
[ChatParty!!!]: HomeStarRunnerTron has entered at 12:34 am
[DwightTheGreat] 12:34 am: life's quick bora, if you don't look around, you might miss it
[] 12:34 am: uh craig is an hour
[garrulous] 12:34 am: aw
[] 12:34 am: oh whale! you're proabbly too cool for them anyway
[garrulous] 12:34 am: lol
[] 12:34 am: thanks ferris
[] 12:34 am: unless he got shortened to 30 minutes starting this week
[cozbaldwin] 12:34 am: Letterman's musical guest is on now. they will end the show after the performance. Craig starts his show immediately when Letterman is over..... fyi
[nivekbackwards] 12:35 am: thanks for the heads up
[olwhatshername] 12:35 am: coz does his research
[] 12:35 am: so i had it on the wrong channel by accident earlier
[cozbaldwin] 12:35 am: i watch it nightly. But maybe time flies when i watch it. it only feels like 30 mins
[] 12:35 am: oops it is an hr
[] 12:35 am: SORRY haha
[] 12:35 am: and i was watching jay leno and i was really confused as to why everyone here was talking about david letterman
[DwightTheGreat] 12:35 am: thank you tallyhallic for catching the reference
[] 12:35 am: i thought you guys just liked him more or something
[] 12:35 am: definitely an hour
[Bora] 12:35 am: Bernie J is god
[Bora] 12:35 am: you can't talk to god
[ChatParty!!!]: HomeStarRunnerTron has left at 12:35 am
[Bora] 12:35 am: he's just there
[Bora] 12:36 am: making sure everything runs smoothly
[ChatParty!!!]: HomeStarRunnerTron has entered at 12:36 am
[cozbaldwin] 12:36 am: Hm.
[] 12:36 am: Right
[] 12:36 am: like mussolini
[DwightTheGreat] 12:36 am: he did a very nice job with the new bio
[] 12:36 am: So
[] 12:36 am: bora: deep.
[DwightTheGreat] 12:36 am: i enjoyed reading it
[Kitsune] 12:36 am: heh
[cozbaldwin] 12:36 am: alrightty, sorry for the misinfo
[] 12:36 am: deep.
[] 12:36 am: No chance you could get me an interview
[DwightTheGreat] 12:36 am: if you see him, tell him a random stranger said "good job"
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:36 am: Whoaaa-- my internets freaking out a little with this chat... hopefully that was the last of it.
[olwhatshername] 12:36 am: wants TH to start
[] 12:36 am: After all the cool stuff you have done
[] 12:37 am: I think I'll cry
[] 12:37 am: i even went the extra mile to sent him a message on facebook to tell him how riveting his bio was
[10SNE1?] 12:37 am: i wish i didn't have to wait
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:37 am: One SECOND SMILE, to go that extra mile?
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:37 am: SECONDARY *
[cozbaldwin] 12:37 am: OK CRAIG IS ON.
[DwightTheGreat] 12:37 am: it made ME feel nostalgic, and i wasn't even there!
[olwhatshername] 12:37 am: woooooooooo
[] 12:37 am: ITS ON
[Kitsune] 12:37 am: 'tis on!
[nivekbackwards] 12:37 am: woo, thanks
[Bora] 12:37 am: "extra mile"
[olwhatshername] 12:37 am: a hand?
[] 12:38 am: yay everyone got my reference
[olwhatshername] 12:38 am: this is weird...
[] 12:38 am: thank you homestar and Bora
[DwightTheGreat] 12:38 am: definitely a show tally hall would be on
[] 12:38 am: <3 scottish <3
[DwightTheGreat] 12:38 am: haha
[] 12:38 am: TALLY HALL
[Kitsune] 12:38 am: lol
[] 12:38 am: woop woop
[Kitsune] 12:38 am: WOO
[DwightTheGreat] 12:38 am: THE MIGHTY!!!
[jleeirwi] 12:38 am: whoa people freaked out
[olwhatshername] 12:39 am: the mighty tally hall!
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:39 am: Boo-dikka-kow-ch-kow-ch-dow-TALLY HALL.
[] 12:39 am: did you hear the cheer for the gents!
[Kitsune] 12:39 am: they are indeed mighty
[olwhatshername] 12:39 am: i'm gonna go make tea
[olwhatshername] 12:39 am: ill be back
[] 12:39 am: they are mighty
[jleeirwi] 12:39 am: so i have a story
[] 12:40 am: do tell!
[Kitsune] 12:40 am: do tell
[jleeirwi] 12:40 am: i was standing next to someone the other day and i kept looking at them trying to figure out why they looked so familiar
[] 12:40 am: jinx
[Kitsune] 12:40 am: haha
[jleeirwi] 12:40 am: it was definitely zubin's brother
[10SNE1?] 12:40 am: the anticipation is killing, i'm going to go do homework
[jleeirwi] 12:40 am: he probably wondered why i ws looking at him for too long
[] 12:40 am: a sedghi relative? nice
[10SNE1?] 12:40 am: talk to y'all later
[] 12:40 am: are you guys best friends now?
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:40 am: And then the homework will kill you?
[] 12:40 am: jleeirwi, where are you from
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:40 am: GOOD IDEA.
[] 12:40 am: bye 10SNE1
[ChatParty!!!]: nivekbackwards has left at 12:41 am
[jleeirwi] 12:41 am: i didnt say anything, i came to the conclusion on my own....because he looks exactly like him
[ChatParty!!!]: nivekbackwards has entered at 12:41 am
[jleeirwi] 12:41 am: i go to michigan, he must go here too
[10SNE1?] 12:41 am: BYE
[ChatParty!!!]: 10SNE1? has left at 12:41 am
[] 12:41 am: you should have started humming a tally hall song or something
[] 12:41 am: like all nonchalant
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:41 am: Poor, poor homework'd-down people.
[ChatParty!!!]: Doris has entered at 12:41 am
[cozbaldwin] 12:41 am: lol klara
[Kitsune] 12:41 am: I feel for them
[jleeirwi] 12:42 am: yeah i didn't want to freak him out...especially after staring for too long
[] 12:42 am: hahaha, id laugh so hard if they hummed TH songs in the general direction of a zubin bro-look-a-like
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:42 am: As do I! ... since I have homework, too! Still! *twitch*
[] 12:42 am: that probably would have made it even better
[] 12:42 am: like really STARING at him and humming spring and a storm
[jleeirwi] 12:42 am: oh i just looked him up on facebook, he's a freshman at michigan
[Doris] 12:42 am: what'd i miss?
[] 12:42 am: really loudly
[] 12:42 am: whats his name?
[Doris] 12:42 am: Alan
[jleeirwi] 12:42 am: alan sedghi
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:43 am: "Doris"? As in... Doris DAY?... as in... Que Cera Cera?
[Kitsune] 12:43 am: hey doris
[] 12:43 am: whatever will be will be
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:43 am: ... aren't you dead-ish already, Doris Day?
[Doris] 12:43 am: um,
[Doris] 12:43 am: no.
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:43 am: Oh! Then I guess I'm...
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:43 am: ... wrong...
[ChatParty!!!]: has left at 12:43 am
[Doris] 12:43 am: um,
[Doris] 12:43 am: yes
[Doris] 12:44 am: ha
[Doris] 12:44 am: who are you? HomeStarRunnerTron
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:44 am: *looks from left to right then flees in the opposite direction*
[] 12:44 am: how cryptic
[Doris] 12:44 am: show start yet?
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:44 am: Oh-- I'm just a Tally Hall fanatic who's made a couple Tally Hall-related videos on YouTube!
[] 12:44 am: chyahhhh
[Doris] 12:44 am: ok, so.
[Doris] 12:44 am: which one are yyou?
[jleeirwi] 12:45 am: you arent from england right....
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:45 am: ... me?...
[Doris] 12:45 am: LOL
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:45 am: Oh, no, I'm from Hawaii.
[cozbaldwin] 12:45 am: hes the one who did the hidden in the sand with the 5 hims singing
[cozbaldwin] 12:45 am: very good.
[zcode7] 12:45 am: hey tallyhallic, you there?!
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:45 am: Yup!
[jleeirwi] 12:45 am: ooh thats amazing
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:45 am: Oh, thank you, Coz! :)
[DwightTheGreat] 12:45 am: rather impressive
[olwhatshername] 12:45 am: hey i'm back
[DwightTheGreat] 12:45 am: how old are you, and how long have you been in film?
[olwhatshername] 12:45 am: what did he say baout TH?
[DwightTheGreat] 12:45 am: welcome back darling
[Kitsune] 12:45 am: welcome back!
[jleeirwi] 12:46 am: he just said they'd be on and people WOOHOOed
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:46 am: I'm 14 and a half, and... I've been making videos since I was around 7.
[Doris] 12:46 am: who's recording this?
[zcode7] 12:46 am: TALLYHALLIC U THERE?
[DwightTheGreat] 12:46 am: wow, impressive
[] 12:46 am: no i think she left
[Doris] 12:46 am: no aimee
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:46 am: I hope SOMEONE is, considering I don't has TV!
[cozbaldwin] 12:46 am: he said The MIGHTY Tally Hall.
[DwightTheGreat] 12:46 am: aimee is out, her chat froze
[zcode7] 12:46 am: DARN
[DwightTheGreat] 12:46 am: i told her to get back in
[zcode7] 12:46 am: i just changed my facebook picture
[zcode7] 12:46 am: to a pic of me and tally
[zcode7] 12:46 am: from the pingry show
[cozbaldwin] 12:46 am: a frozen chat can be cured by restarting the chat.
[Doris] 12:47 am: meez n o tveez no
[jleeirwi] 12:47 am: "sarah palin can suck it"
[nivekbackwards] 12:47 am: but, remember, the people also cheered when he said "I have election fever"
[DwightTheGreat] 12:47 am: hehe
[] 12:47 am: i agree
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:47 am: Worked for me! -- I don't either, so I feel your pain!
[] 12:47 am: speaking of politics
[] 12:47 am: and current events
[Doris] 12:47 am: who saw Tina Fay?
[] 12:47 am: i heard thomas friedman speak tonight
[] 12:47 am: it was awesome
[jleeirwi] 12:47 am: tina fey was hilarious
[cozbaldwin] 12:48 am: agreed
[cozbaldwin] 12:49 am: hulluh?
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:49 am: Heya!
[Doris] 12:49 am: I forget who is garrulous jleeirwi nivekbackwards tango m. pennywhistle
[ChatParty!!!]: olwhatshername has left at 12:49 am
[garrulous] 12:49 am: =[ you lucky ducks!
[garrulous] 12:49 am: i don't get cbs
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:49 am: CBs?
[garrulous] 12:49 am: yea
[garrulous] 12:49 am: to see the shpw
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:49 am: Cold Buckets? Cattle Branches?
[Kitsune] 12:49 am: I only know 4 of you people in here
[jleeirwi] 12:49 am: i'm not known. i am however the person that discovered the random website that first had natural ketchup on it
[ChatParty!!!]: olwhatshername has entered at 12:49 am
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:50 am: OH. CBS. D'ur. The channel. Neither do I!
[Doris] 12:50 am: which 4? hmmmmmmm?
[olwhatshername] 12:50 am: hello again
[nivekbackwards] 12:50 am: doris, you probably forget who I am because you probably never knew me :P
[nivekbackwards] 12:50 am: Tina Fey is great
[zcode7] 12:50 am: is anybody else wanting to knock off this dude
[zcode7] 12:50 am: lol
[Kitsune] 12:50 am: natural ketchop was great
[nivekbackwards] 12:50 am: ahh, lag
[olwhatshername] 12:50 am: craig was so much funnier last tim
[cozbaldwin] 12:50 am: what dude
[Doris] 12:50 am: WHAT IS YOUR NAME nivekbackwards ??
[nivekbackwards] 12:50 am: I think you can answer that
[Doris] 12:50 am: OMG
[cozbaldwin] 12:50 am: craig is funny all the time. you have to get used to it and realize its all off the top of his head and not scripted.
[] 12:50 am: i'll guess timmy
[olwhatshername] 12:50 am: kevinnnnn
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:50 am: Sdrawcabkevin, maybe!
[DwightTheGreat] 12:51 am: is it kevin backwards?
[garrulous] 12:51 am: haha
[Doris] 12:51 am: I JUST $&#*%@! realized
[nivekbackwards] 12:51 am: And the winner is: Olwhatshername
[nivekbackwards] 12:51 am: :D
[DwightTheGreat] 12:51 am: hehe
[ChatParty!!!]: Bora has left at 12:52 am
[DwightTheGreat] 12:52 am: poor bora
[olwhatshername] 12:52 am: omg kevin i could never forget you
[DwightTheGreat] 12:52 am: may he rest in peace
[] 12:52 am: wait, IS someone taping this?
[cozbaldwin] 12:52 am: no idea
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:52 am: I can only hope. Must... watch...
[nivekbackwards] 12:52 am: why thank you
[DwightTheGreat] 12:52 am: i can't
[cozbaldwin] 12:52 am: i tried getting people to... but... i dunno
[Kitsune] 12:52 am: wish I still had the DVR to
[ChatParty!!!]: has left at 12:52 am
[ChatParty!!!]: MuckaBlucka has entered at 12:52 am
[ChatParty!!!]: flyboy has entered at 12:52 am
[] 12:52 am: alright becaues there's no hope for me staying up until the end
[cozbaldwin] 12:52 am: there is someone on YouTube who loves this show and puts up clips of it the next day though
[flyboy] 12:52 am: guys
[garrulous] 12:52 am: AT LEAST YOU GET THE STATION!
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:52 am: If no one is, we're in deepest of troublé!
[ChatParty!!!]: Bora has entered at 12:53 am
[olwhatshername] 12:53 am: GREG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Doris] 12:53 am: BOBBY!!
[] 12:53 am: so i must say goodnight to all of you
[garrulous] 12:53 am: i searched for 5 minutes
[cozbaldwin] 12:53 am: i find it impossible to believe that cbs is not received by all tv's everywhere.
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:53 am: I'd like to say <goodbye> and <bid> you good <night>!
[Kitsune] 12:53 am: cbs requires no cable
[] 12:53 am: enjoy!
[flyboy] 12:53 am: these people
[flyboy] 12:53 am: I know non eof them
[] 12:53 am: and thanks for the good time tonight
[] 12:53 am: IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN
[Doris] 12:54 am: bobby! it's me!
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:54 am: Mum's the word!
[] 12:54 am: it was a pleasure, as always
[ChatParty!!!]: has left at 12:54 am
[olwhatshername] 12:54 am: wait what's your name?
[cozbaldwin] 12:54 am: well then all you original forums shouldnt have abandoned the fan community1!!!111
[garrulous] 12:54 am: well
[flyboy] 12:54 am: well
[garrulous] 12:54 am: i wanna talk to mr. moon
[garrulous] 12:54 am: i'll brb
[Kitsune] 12:55 am: school got in the way. that's my excuse
[cozbaldwin] 12:55 am: FYI!!!!!
[olwhatshername] 12:55 am: GREG WHAT'S UP???
[olwhatshername] 12:55 am: i miss you greg
[flyboy] 12:55 am: Hi, I'm Greg. I'm an original forumer who abandoned the fan community.
[DwightTheGreat] 12:55 am: GREG!!!!!1
[DwightTheGreat] 12:55 am: IS AWESOME!!!!
[flyboy] 12:55 am: Dwight!?!!
[flyboy] 12:55 am: Wait, wtf you guys not being on Skype to entertain me
[flyboy] 12:55 am: Jill!
[Kitsune] 12:56 am: did greg make that tally hall game?
[olwhatshername] 12:56 am: dwithgt i didn't see yoU!
[olwhatshername] 12:56 am: what's up?
[olwhatshername] 12:56 am: greg!
[flyboy] 12:56 am: Greg DID make the Advenbtures of Tally hall
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:56 am: Thank you so very much, Coz! :D
[olwhatshername] 12:56 am: homestar what's your name?
[DwightTheGreat] 12:56 am: Greg, my computer crashed earlier in the summer, i didn't get skype since then
[ChatParty!!!]: Doris has left at 12:56 am
[Kitsune] 12:56 am: thought so
[olwhatshername] 12:56 am: let's start skyping agin
[flyboy] 12:56 am: Who is this homestar guy?
[garrulous] 12:56 am: THANK YOU COZ!
[nivekbackwards] 12:57 am: hmm, this laptop's battery burns away faster than I thought, I guess I'm going to go, later everyone
[garrulous] 12:57 am:
[zcode7] 12:57 am: this guy is so not funy right now
[garrulous] 12:57 am: YAY
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:57 am: I'm a person on YouTube who loves Tally Hall!
[DwightTheGreat] 12:57 am: he's a youtube kid, rather talented
[ChatParty!!!]: has left at 12:57 am
[flyboy] 12:57 am: Kid?
[ChatParty!!!]: MANDEEZY has entered at 12:57 am
[flyboy] 12:57 am: Like 13-15?
[jleeirwi] 12:57 am: BORA?
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:57 am: Yup! 14.
[ChatParty!!!]: nivekbackwards has left at 12:57 am
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:57 am: And a half.
[MANDEEZY] 12:57 am: not bora, mandi
[ChatParty!!!]: Doris has entered at 12:57 am
[DwightTheGreat] 12:57 am: lawl
[flyboy] 12:57 am: Mandiz!
[DwightTheGreat] 12:57 am: MANDI!
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:58 am: Hey you go, flyboy:
[jleeirwi] 12:58 am: haha
[flyboy] 12:58 am: long time no talk
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:58 am:
[MuckaBlucka] 12:58 am: Ham of justice!
[MANDEEZY] 12:58 am: hai guyz
[DwightTheGreat] 12:58 am: LOVE OF MY LIFE
[cozbaldwin] 12:58 am: chill.... youre not gonna get the humor if you dont want it all
[Kitsune] 12:58 am: mandi in wonderland mandi?
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:58 am: here you *
[olwhatshername] 12:58 am: froofy isn't funny :(
[MANDEEZY] 12:58 am: so many people
[DwightTheGreat] 12:58 am: fo
[DwightTheGreat] 12:58 am: rizzal
[MANDEEZY] 12:58 am: i'm scared
[DwightTheGreat] 12:58 am: it's ok, i'm here
[olwhatshername] 12:58 am: mandy!
[olwhatshername] 12:58 am: i love you all so so so much!
[DwightTheGreat] 12:58 am: i can hold you if you get scared
[MANDEEZY] 12:59 am: so...whats the stsatus?
[MANDEEZY] 12:59 am: i get this show three hours later than you homiez
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:59 am: Be right backitus! *FLEE*
[DwightTheGreat] 12:59 am: no one knows
[Kitsune] 12:59 am: so how many original forum goers still stand today?
[garrulous] 12:59 am: OMG
[garrulous] 12:59 am: that is AWESOME
[olwhatshername] 12:59 am: i do!
[flyboy] 12:59 am: Oh hey you're an asian!
[garrulous] 12:59 am: but you should have made the ties colored
[Kitsune] 12:59 am: yay!
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 12:59 am: Yeeees, I sure am!
[olwhatshername] 12:59 am: i still go strong
[DwightTheGreat] 1:00 am: WTF WAS THAT?!
[olwhatshername] 1:00 am: tally hall comunity and i are dating
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:00 am: I'm Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian and... something else! Maybe some Jewish.
[zcode7] 1:00 am: sorrry coz!
[jleeirwi] 1:00 am: "the ham of justice"
[flyboy] 1:00 am: Who is zCode7
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:00 am: -- and I'm pretty low on ties. Though they are different cloros.
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:00 am: colors *
[flyboy] 1:00 am: is that anything like S CLUB 7
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:00 am: LAWL. Cloros. Phhft.
[DwightTheGreat] 1:00 am: colours
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:01 am: Oh- right. O Canada.
[MANDEEZY] 1:01 am: blame canada
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:01 am: Mustn't forget the u!
[garrulous] 1:01 am: i just watched just in time.
[garrulous] 1:01 am: i've never seen it
[garrulous] 1:01 am: how is that posible?!
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:01 am: What's it all aBOOOOT!
[Kitsune] 1:01 am: with all their hockey hullabaloo
[DwightTheGreat] 1:01 am: i figure, we butchered the english language, we may as well at least keep the "u"
[flyboy] 1:02 am: Guys, it's time for chat 101 by Greg McSexyheads
[ChatParty!!!]: Doris has left at 1:02 am
[DwightTheGreat] 1:02 am: yeah greg!
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:02 am: ... And where is this... Greg?...
[ChatParty!!!]: Doris has entered at 1:02 am
[] 1:02 am: no offense folks but do you realize how annoying it is when americans insert the u?
[flyboy] 1:02 am: I'm here
[] 1:02 am: it shouldn't be
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:02 am: It's just a letter!
[Doris] 1:02 am: WHY COZ WHY?
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:02 am: One meeeaaaasley little minute letter!
[cozbaldwin] 1:03 am: I DONT KNOW. youre the only one
[MANDEEZY] 1:03 am: insert the u into where?
[] 1:03 am: one letter that doesn't belong
[MANDEEZY] 1:03 am: oh right
[MANDEEZY] 1:03 am: color
[Kitsune] 1:03 am: yes, I'm american and I can't stand it
[flyboy] 1:03 am: how long ago did the show happen?
[DwightTheGreat] 1:03 am: who are we to say it doesn't belong?
[DwightTheGreat] 1:03 am: we didn't invent the language
[MANDEEZY] 1:03 am: i stll have many more hours
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:03 am: Well... yeah... *sniffle*... -- well, I'm American, too. Try speaking American. It's the only language I can understand. </obscure reference>
[DwightTheGreat] 1:03 am: who's to say what belongs anywhere?
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:03 am: Mechanical hands?
[MANDEEZY] 1:04 am: oh jeeze
[flyboy] 1:04 am: Who's touching my backside
[MANDEEZY] 1:04 am: thats me
[MANDEEZY] 1:04 am: sorry greg
[DwightTheGreat] 1:04 am: the rulers of everything
[MANDEEZY] 1:04 am: you're so irresistable
[flyboy] 1:04 am: No it's cool, just wondering
[Doris] 1:04 am: talk about Paulina Porizkova. What are they talking about what is she saying???
[MANDEEZY] 1:04 am: WOAH
[] 1:04 am: true, but why insert it when most americans don't?
[DwightTheGreat] 1:04 am: dude, do you see this commercial?!
[DwightTheGreat] 1:04 am: WTF!?
[MANDEEZY] 1:04 am: whose touching MY backside?
[cozbaldwin] 1:04 am: shes not on yet
[DwightTheGreat] 1:04 am: I HATE MCCAIN!
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:04 am: True! -- well, most Americans don't speak grammatically at times to begin with.
[Doris] 1:05 am: IN the Gallows...
[DwightTheGreat] 1:05 am: </rant>
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:05 am: For example! We said ten items or LESS, instead of ten items or FEWER.
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:05 am: say ten *
[Doris] 1:05 am: blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah
[Doris] 1:05 am: all along
[flyboy] 1:05 am: So guys, subject change
[Doris] 1:05 am: hmmm
[flyboy] 1:06 am: Let's play the old forumers meet the new forumers
[DwightTheGreat] 1:06 am: i like Tally Hall
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:06 am: Fewer is for countable measures, whilst -- *subject change puts me in completely numbing shock*
[cozbaldwin] 1:06 am: woah
[Doris] 1:06 am: who sounds like Rob
[Doris] 1:06 am: which is why I call youbobby'
[MANDEEZY] 1:06 am: on occaission
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:06 am: Mr. Cantor sounds like Rob.
[DwightTheGreat] 1:06 am: GREG DOES SOUND LIKE ROB!!!
[flyboy] 1:06 am: Ok, I'll go first, and we'll go down the list from me.
[DwightTheGreat] 1:06 am: i forgot!
[flyboy] 1:06 am: AHEM
[garrulous] 1:07 am: what/
[cozbaldwin] 1:07 am: Craig just did his not so subtle thing he does which he pretends things are real when everyone knows theyre not. He joked about it being 9/16 already and smirked.... that means either this show was recorded yesterday or only this segment was.
[Doris] 1:07 am: YES>
[cozbaldwin] 1:07 am: yesterday = some time in the past other than today
[Doris] 1:07 am: ok, Bobby... you were saying?
[] 1:07 am: has anyone read craig's book?
[] 1:07 am: fucking great book
[MANDEEZY] 1:07 am: greg wants to play new forumerz meet old forumerz
[Kitsune] 1:08 am: I haven't seen tally hall live in a year and a half:(
[garrulous] 1:08 am: i haven't seen them ever
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:08 am: Why, hallo! I'm new
[MANDEEZY] 1:08 am: if i was going to l.a. a day early i would see them
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:08 am: new. *
[garrulous] 1:08 am: so you're lucky
[Doris] 1:08 am: IT'S FLYBOYS TIME
[MANDEEZY] 1:08 am: for the fifth time in one year
[flyboy] 1:08 am: I'm greg, I am very attractive, modest and play the pianos. I just turned 20 and I have no hair on my body yet. I enjoy making videos and looking at myself. I heard about Tally Hall on Albino black sheep one day while showing my firend The Freench Erotic Film.
[MANDEEZY] 1:08 am: which would be baller
[cozbaldwin] 1:08 am: now im wondering what was recorded today and what wasnt.
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:09 am: Why, hello, Greg! Do you like... Andrew Kepple's Up Skit Creek, if you like his Animutations? Cuz'... I'm in the special thanks in the 3rd one... *crosses eyes*
[Doris] 1:09 am: Bobby. pass the stick to someone you would like to meet
[Doris] 1:09 am: and so on... people.
[flyboy] 1:10 am: Oh right *grapples the stick and looks around the room*...........I choose sClb7
[] 1:10 am: note to self: try putting penis on girls' shoulders...apparently it's a compliment
[flyboy] 1:10 am: zcode7
[Doris] 1:10 am: ZACH!
[Doris] 1:10 am: It's your turn!
[HomeStarRunnerTron] 1:10 am: And now, I'm-a abscond to a magical place! *FLEES*
[olwhatshername] 1:11 am: omg hi
[Doris] 1:11 am:, soo... um
[cozbaldwin] 1:11 am: where'd charissa go
[olwhatshername] 1:11 am: i forgot about you guys
[flyboy] 1:11 am: My game is dead.
[Doris] 1:11 am: Zach is a freshman at NYU
[Doris] 1:11 am: that's all I know
[Doris] 1:11 am: who's next?
[MANDEEZY] 1:11 am: oh fancy
[garrulous] 1:11 am: NEXT!
[Doris] 1:12 am: garrulous YOU ARE!
[flyboy] 1:12 am: I choose Tango next
[garrulous] 1:12 am: darn
[Doris] 1:12 am: ugg
[Doris] 1:12 am: Tango?
[garrulous] 1:12 am: wait. who is?
[Doris] 1:12 am: tango m. pennywhistle ??
[MuckaBlucka] 1:12 am: omg tally hall, gah im tired!
[] 1:12 am: what about me?
[flyboy] 1:12 am: exactly
[Doris] 1:12 am: tell abbout yourself
[] 1:13 am: went to u of m and read about tally hall in the michigan daily
[olwhatshername] 1:13 am: when are they going to be on :(
[jleeirwi] 1:13 am: wooo me too
[Doris] 1:13 am: 1:15
[] 1:13 am: later realized i had met andrew horowitz at a party my first night of college
[MANDEEZY] 1:13 am: thats neat
[Kitsune] 1:14 am: cool
[Doris] 1:14 am: tango m. pennywhistle what is your name? have we met?
[] 1:14 am: we exchanged awkward hellos and nods in the music school for about a month and then i never saw him again
[] 1:14 am: no we have not met
[Doris] 1:14 am: name?
[] 1:14 am: andrew
[Doris] 1:15 am: Hi Andrew. Meez iz DORIS.
[Doris] 1:15 am: k. garrulous ?
[] 1:15 am: also went to school with bora for many many years but we were a year apart and don't know each other that well
[Doris] 1:16 am: you went to Country Day?
[] 1:16 am: wow you people do your research
[Doris] 1:16 am: you people?
[] 1:17 am: well just you i guess
[Doris] 1:17 am: I am no you people
[] 1:17 am: you person?
[cozbaldwin] 1:17 am: What do you mean "you people" !!??
[Doris] 1:17 am: he hates us coz
[Doris] 1:17 am: kick em out
[Kitsune] 1:18 am: was that movie any good? people who saw it?
[] 1:18 am: no no i was just talking about minorities
[Doris] 1:18 am: Kitsune what movie?
[] 1:18 am: not really though
[Kitsune] 1:18 am: tropic thunder? I think it's called
[garrulous] 1:18 am: hm
[DwightTheGreat] 1:18 am: i made the mistake of seeing it with my mom
[Doris] 1:18 am: oooohhhhh
[Doris] 1:18 am: k
[DwightTheGreat] 1:19 am: awkward
[cozbaldwin] 1:19 am: didnt see it actually. just quoting it.
[garrulous] 1:19 am: my computer says i'm not connected to the internet
[DwightTheGreat] 1:19 am: but it had silly points
[garrulous] 1:19 am: lol
[cozbaldwin] 1:19 am: ok so its looking like tally hall will not have couch time.
[Doris] 1:19 am: HAHAHA DwightTheGreat
[DwightTheGreat] 1:19 am: yeah
[garrulous] 1:19 am: no
[Kitsune] 1:19 am: haha
[MuckaBlucka] 1:19 am: poo
[garrulous] 1:19 am: i made the mistake of seeing zohan with my mom
[DwightTheGreat] 1:19 am: btw, you can call me Dwight, miss Doris
[Doris] 1:19 am: so, um, garrulous who are you?
[] 1:19 am: it does go until :35
[garrulous] 1:20 am: my name is jennifer. i live in mississippi a.k.a. the forgotten state pretty much
[Doris] 1:20 am: I knew that.
[DwightTheGreat] 1:20 am: think of it this way, they NEED couch time, they're promoting video, not music
[Doris] 1:20 am: I didn't know why I didn't
[garrulous] 1:20 am: because only the stupid performers like kid rock come here
[Doris] 1:20 am: oops
[cozbaldwin] 1:20 am: I will really be amazed if EVEN THOUGH they are in LosAngeles, CBS still airs the lost SaaS performance from 2 years ago.
[DwightTheGreat] 1:20 am: hahaha
[olwhatshername] 1:20 am: i wonder what they'll play...
[] 1:20 am: kid rock is a god in michigan
[MuckaBlucka] 1:20 am: lulz
[] 1:20 am: although he shouldn't be
[garrulous] 1:20 am: i hate him
[olwhatshername] 1:20 am: what if it's smething new?!
[garrulous] 1:20 am: he should be shot
[olwhatshername] 1:20 am: or if they play a piece of the THIS?
[Doris] 1:21 am: Hi Jennifer.
[MANDEEZY] 1:21 am: i wish tally hall would come to sf
[MANDEEZY] 1:21 am: while they are in california
[garrulous] 1:21 am: hello doris
[cozbaldwin] 1:21 am: we cant see them playing a new song if that song is not for sale
[Doris] 1:21 am: they're not on yet?
[garrulous] 1:21 am: oh. i am in college and our college cable does not include cbs.
[Kitsune] 1:21 am: not yet
[Doris] 1:21 am: you guys are responsible for telling meh ERYTHANG
[cozbaldwin] 1:21 am: im really hoping they play a clip of THIS.... since thats what theyre promoting the most. but time is running out and it would be kinda weird to have a band on without a performance
[ChatParty!!!]: HomeStarRunnerTron has left at 1:22 am
[zcode7] 1:22 am: lol i'm in college too and i have it
[garrulous] 1:22 am: i subscribe to that chnanel on youtube
[zcode7] 1:22 am: its actually the first channel on my tv
[Doris] 1:22 am: lol
[garrulous] 1:22 am: so i can pray it'll be on tomorrow
[flyboy] 1:22 am: What time are they coming on?
[zcode7] 1:22 am: this guy is so boring
[zcode7] 1:22 am: lol
[Doris] 1:22 am: who?
[garrulous] 1:22 am: who? craig?
[zcode7] 1:22 am: both of htem
[zcode7] 1:22 am: i do'nt care i mean, anything not tally hall is just bothering me right now haha
[Kitsune] 1:22 am: mentioned floofy again
[garrulous] 1:22 am: well i'm not watching
[garrulous] 1:22 am: lol
[olwhatshername] 1:23 am: gahhh who is this guy?
[olwhatshername] 1:23 am: who is this guest?
[zcode7] 1:23 am: maybe on a different night this would be interesting
[Doris] 1:23 am: who is jleeirwi and MuckaBlucka again?
[Kitsune] 1:23 am: not paying too much attention to anything until tally hall comes on
[jleeirwi] 1:23 am: my name is jessica
[Doris] 1:23 am: oh hi!!!
[zcode7] 1:23 am: hahaha "LSD is like icing on the cake"
[MuckaBlucka] 1:24 am: hello, i'm mike, new to the forums (will be joining the official forums)
[jleeirwi] 1:24 am: hi!!
[Doris] 1:24 am: wasn't sure if you were still with us
[DwightTheGreat] 1:24 am: hello
[flyboy] 1:24 am: Mike
[flyboy] 1:24 am: Are you an old man?
[garrulous] 1:24 am: i am so tired..
[MuckaBlucka] 1:24 am: hye
[Doris] 1:24 am: Jessica and Mike, where are y'all from?
[olwhatshername] 1:24 am: do you guys think we'll have a totally new forums?
[Kitsune] 1:24 am: will the old forum profiles be deleted?
[DwightTheGreat] 1:24 am: yes
[MuckaBlucka] 1:24 am: I live in florida
[jleeirwi] 1:24 am: i'm sitting here doing psycholinguistics, cognitive development, and french homework at the same time for an 8:00am class
[Doris] 1:24 am: ah yes
[DwightTheGreat] 1:24 am: i think there will be nothing from the previous forums
[DwightTheGreat] 1:24 am: at all
[jleeirwi] 1:24 am: i'm from michigan, in ann arbor right now
[DwightTheGreat] 1:24 am: which is a little sad
[olwhatshername] 1:24 am: i kinda hope so...
[garrulous] 1:24 am: ew. i've never had an 8 class
[DwightTheGreat] 1:24 am: and disheartening
[ChatParty!!!]: MANDEEZY has left at 1:24 am
[olwhatshername] 1:25 am: i'd love to start again, but it would suck to lose all that research and work that went into the old one
[garrulous] 1:25 am: i liked how it was pretty much a secret world
[Kitsune] 1:25 am: I don't care for morning classes
[jleeirwi] 1:25 am: yeah i somehow ended up with 8:00 classes monday-friday
[cozbaldwin] 1:25 am: at one time, they were migrating the site to new servers. i see no reason to delete the old stuff... but if it gets put in the hands of someone who doesnt care... then.... yeah theyll restart it all
[garrulous] 1:25 am: when we had to use the code
[DwightTheGreat] 1:26 am: i wonder who will be in charge
[MuckaBlucka] 1:26 am: woo tally hall next!
[cozbaldwin] 1:26 am: no code for the hits forums
[garrulous] 1:26 am: i vote coz
[cozbaldwin] 1:26 am: tally hall is up next, yes.
[flyboy] 1:26 am: I need to go watch it then
[DwightTheGreat] 1:26 am: will they give coz his powers back, or will they put some big suit in charge
[flyboy] 1:26 am: what channel?
[DwightTheGreat] 1:26 am: CBS
[Kitsune] 1:26 am: whatever CBS is for you
[flyboy] 1:27 am: I don't get cbs :(
[DwightTheGreat] 1:27 am: and if they haves someone else in charge, i hope they're not a dick
[cozbaldwin] 1:27 am: i never understood why they made channels different for every one.
[flyboy] 1:27 am: I vote we put CALEB inc ahrge!!!!111`1`1`
[cozbaldwin] 1:27 am: ...
[cozbaldwin] 1:27 am: Google's gotta answer that question for me.
[olwhatshername] 1:27 am: i vote jillian is back in charge again :D
[Kitsune] 1:27 am: who was caleb?
[olwhatshername] 1:27 am: ASK CHACHA
[cozbaldwin] 1:27 am: nevermind!
[DwightTheGreat] 1:27 am: i vote Bora
[olwhatshername] 1:28 am: caleb was this jerk who used to be on the forums
[Kitsune] 1:28 am: ah, k
[cozbaldwin] 1:28 am: ok.... im shutting up now..... watching TV!!!!! SHH!!!!
[DwightTheGreat] 1:29 am: and here we
[DwightTheGreat] 1:29 am: go
[zcode7] 1:29 am: YES
[zcode7] 1:29 am: YESSS
[flyboy] 1:29 am: is it Jimmy kemmel?
[DwightTheGreat] 1:29 am: Haha
[DwightTheGreat] 1:29 am: awesome
[Doris] 1:29 am: what what???
[MuckaBlucka] 1:29 am: whoa! vests!
[DwightTheGreat] 1:29 am: vests!?!
[jleeirwi] 1:29 am: whoooa vests
[Doris] 1:29 am: WTF?
[olwhatshername] 1:29 am: VESTS??!
[DwightTheGreat] 1:29 am: CLASSY
[Doris] 1:29 am: [email protected]
[Kitsune] 1:30 am: new duds!
[Doris] 1:30 am: STFU
[zcode7] 1:30 am: yes so hotttt
[Kitsune] 1:30 am: almost
[DwightTheGreat] 1:30 am: SO CLASSY
[jleeirwi] 1:30 am: whats next...cumberbunds...
[DwightTheGreat] 1:30 am: we can only hope
[DwightTheGreat] 1:30 am: lol
[Doris] 1:30 am: MUST SEE
[Doris] 1:30 am: meh!
[DwightTheGreat] 1:31 am: wow, they're having WAY more fun than last time
[zcode7] 1:31 am: YES
[DwightTheGreat] 1:31 am: lol
[ChatParty!!!]: charissa has entered at 1:31 am
[olwhatshername] 1:31 am: I ARE SERIOUS JOE!
[DwightTheGreat] 1:31 am: i love joe
[charissa] 1:31 am: guys
[charissa] 1:31 am: i'm peeing
[DwightTheGreat] 1:31 am: more than anyone
[olwhatshername] 1:31 am: peeeeeeeee
[Doris] 1:32 am: JOANNE

[garrulous] 1:32 am: give me a play by play!
[olwhatshername] 1:32 am: it's welcome to tally hal
[charissa] 1:32 am: they're wearing
[Doris] 1:32 am: GDMIT
[charissa] 1:32 am: VESTS
[garrulous] 1:32 am: ok
[zcode7] 1:32 am: they are playing welcome to tally hall
[olwhatshername] 1:32 am: and theyre so god
[olwhatshername] 1:32 am: falsetto!!!!!
[DwightTheGreat] 1:32 am: YES!
[zcode7] 1:32 am: joe is going a little crazy with the falsetto lol
[garrulous] 1:32 am: VESTS?!
[jleeirwi] 1:32 am: amazing
[] 1:32 am: yeah that was a bit much
[garrulous] 1:32 am: falsetto?
[olwhatshername] 1:32 am: ross is smiling!
[garrulous] 1:32 am: SMILING?!
[olwhatshername] 1:32 am: they're happy!
[olwhatshername] 1:33 am: YESSS!!!
[garrulous] 1:33 am: ugh
[zcode7] 1:33 am: they def cut some stuff
[Doris] 1:33 am: IM DYING
[zcode7] 1:33 am: to make time
[Kitsune] 1:33 am: woohoo!
[DwightTheGreat] 1:33 am: he's been throwing in the falstto and smiling for a while now
[cozbaldwin] 1:33 am: WOAAHAHAHH
[cozbaldwin] 1:33 am: VESTS!!???
[DwightTheGreat] 1:33 am: the last 3 shows i was at, falsetto is the best part of the song
[garrulous] 1:33 am: what is falsetto?!!?
[ChatParty!!!]: olwhatshername has left at 1:33 am
[ChatParty!!!]: olwhatshername has entered at 1:33 am
[DwightTheGreat] 1:33 am: I am very surprised by the vests
[DwightTheGreat] 1:33 am: VERY surprised
[zcode7] 1:33 am: like its your not real voice
[cozbaldwin] 1:33 am: me too
[zcode7] 1:34 am: like where you can't really sing but you can fake it
[garrulous] 1:34 am: oh
[DwightTheGreat] 1:34 am: i hope they keep that look for the next album, it looks good
[] 1:34 am: falsetto = freddy mercury getting hit in the balls
[zcode7] 1:34 am: do u think tahts it?
[zcode7] 1:34 am: yeah thats a good def pennywhistle
[olwhatshername] 1:34 am: do you think they'll do something afte commercial?
[garrulous] 1:34 am: =[ i liked freddy mercury
[DwightTheGreat] 1:34 am: maybe, still time left
[] 1:34 am: me too
[Doris] 1:34 am: oh god
[olwhatshername] 1:34 am: joe was soooo intense
[olwhatshername] 1:34 am: and they were all having such a good time!
[garrulous] 1:34 am: a NFF: freddy mercury announced he had aids on my birthday
[garrulous] 1:34 am: when i turned 3
[garrulous] 1:34 am: and died the next day
[charissa] 1:35 am: that beat their last performance by a longshot
[] 1:35 am: downer
[cozbaldwin] 1:35 am: agreed.
[zcode7] 1:35 am: which last performance?
[cozbaldwin] 1:35 am: welcome back charissa
[garrulous] 1:35 am: chea!
[jleeirwi] 1:35 am: debbie downer
[olwhatshername] 1:35 am: last performance was pretty dismal
[cozbaldwin] 1:35 am: BACK!
[olwhatshername] 1:35 am: last time they were on late late show
[zcode7] 1:35 am: fuck you craig
[zcode7] 1:35 am: where's the band
[Doris] 1:35 am: find it on the internetzzz
[olwhatshername] 1:35 am: ew craig is gross
[] 1:35 am: what's wrong with craig?
[garrulous] 1:35 am: lol
[Doris] 1:35 am: what happened??
[] 1:35 am: i haven't been paying attention
[olwhatshername] 1:35 am: coz craig is nasty
[] 1:35 am: and can't watch on tv
[zcode7] 1:36 am: TALK ABOUT THE BAAAAAAND
[zcode7] 1:36 am: the only thing that sucks is you craig
[zcode7] 1:36 am: WHAT
[olwhatshername] 1:36 am: ok i gotta go now
[cozbaldwin] 1:36 am: no tally hall time
[zcode7] 1:36 am: the
[Doris] 1:36 am: why? what'd he do?
[zcode7] 1:36 am: fuck
[DwightTheGreat] 1:36 am: they deserved more time... it's a fucking internet show!
[olwhatshername] 1:36 am: I LOVE YOU ALL LET'S ALL CHAT HERE ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[MuckaBlucka] 1:36 am: wow that was awesome!
[] 1:36 am: did you really think they were gonna get interviewed?
[] 1:36 am: what just freaking happened?
[zcode7] 1:36 am: that was a great performance
[MuckaBlucka] 1:36 am: but ima go now
[zcode7] 1:36 am: no but he could've at least said
[MuckaBlucka] 1:37 am: thanks for the chats everyone!
[zcode7] 1:37 am: or something
[cozbaldwin] 1:37 am: LOL.
[DwightTheGreat] 1:37 am: i have a test tomorrow, i should go too
[MuckaBlucka] 1:37 am: so long!
[] 1:37 am: oh well
[flyboy] 1:37 am: Hi, my name is everyone in hits chat and I like to say lots
[ChatParty!!!]: Maxwell has entered at 1:37 am
[Maxwell] 1:38 am: So, Craig sucks.
[garrulous] 1:38 am: i'm going to bed
[Doris] 1:38 am: aww bobby you're cute lets get married
[charissa] 1:38 am: oh max.
[Maxwell] 1:38 am: G'night!
[cozbaldwin] 1:38 am: ok, well that performance was great. the vests make me uncomfortable, and im disappointed craig didnt spend more time with them
[DwightTheGreat] 1:38 am: night all, sweet dreams
[flyboy] 1:38 am: I'm cool with that
[Maxwell] 1:38 am: I kinda dig the vests.
[charissa] 1:38 am: sweet dreams dwight
[ChatParty!!!]: MuckaBlucka has left at 1:38 am
[jleeirwi] 1:38 am: i like the vests!
[garrulous] 1:38 am: NIGHT
[flyboy] 1:38 am: but I do plan on having 11 children
[ChatParty!!!]: olwhatshername has left at 1:38 am
[Doris] 1:38 am: hahaha
[ChatParty!!!]: garrulous has left at 1:38 am
[DwightTheGreat] 1:38 am: i hope the vests come with album 2
[cozbaldwin] 1:38 am: they make me uncomfortable, i dont know if i like them or not though
[zcode7] 1:38 am: lol
[zcode7] 1:39 am: like as a promotion?
[Maxwell] 1:39 am: Mayb.
[Doris] 1:39 am: NEED TO SEE THESE VESTS
[Kitsune] 1:39 am: hmm
[Maxwell] 1:39 am: 'Riss and I think suspenders are next.
[jleeirwi] 1:39 am: yeah i hope a vest comes with the purchase of album 2....
[ChatParty!!!]: has left at 1:39 am
[jleeirwi] 1:39 am: then cumberbunds
[zcode7] 1:39 am: ok guys
[zcode7] 1:39 am: lets start this movement now
[zcode7] 1:39 am: somebody start a facebook group
[Maxwell] 1:39 am: Abute?
[zcode7] 1:40 am: "Petition for Tally Hall to include vests with their new album"
[charissa] 1:40 am: a boot?
[Maxwell] 1:40 am: Dibs
[Doris] 1:40 am: I member talkin to Joe about changing the look loooong ago
[charissa] 1:40 am: i vote suspenders
[Maxwell] 1:40 am: I'm doing it right now.
[Doris] 1:40 am: SUSPENDERS
[Doris] 1:40 am: SECONDED
[charissa] 1:40 am: that would be thirded, doris
[charissa] 1:40 am: but the intention is there
[ChatParty!!!]: DwightTheGreat has left at 1:40 am
[cozbaldwin] 1:40 am: blah blah
[Doris] 1:41 am: haha didn't you start it?
[Kitsune] 1:41 am: well I'm gonna go
[jleeirwi] 1:41 am: how about top hats
[Kitsune] 1:41 am: nice talking with y'all again
[cozbaldwin] 1:42 am: will you people tell me what the hell is SOOOO BAD about the new facebook? PLEASE?
[charissa] 1:42 am: coz
[Maxwell] 1:42 am: Why change what was good?
[charissa] 1:42 am: it's all spread out
[charissa] 1:42 am: and things are hard to find
[flyboy] 1:42 am: like your mom
[flyboy] 1:42 am: last night
[cozbaldwin] 1:42 am: looks all nice and tight to me
[Maxwell] 1:42 am: I mean, a couple little changes here and there are good, but a total revamp?
[charissa] 1:42 am: and there was nothing wrong with the old one
[Kitsune] 1:42 am: new facebook can die! later
[ChatParty!!!]: Kitsune has left at 1:42 am
[cozbaldwin] 1:42 am: like my sister.
[flyboy] 1:42 am: coz
[flyboy] 1:42 am: you slay me
[charissa] 1:42 am: greg
[jleeirwi] 1:42 am: nice and tight like your sister?! omg
[charissa] 1:42 am: you are pink
[charissa] 1:42 am: how sweet
[] 1:42 am: wow
[] 1:43 am: i'm afraid to ask how you would know that
[charissa] 1:43 am: coz, you are so wonderful
[cozbaldwin] 1:43 am: seriously... maybe i didnt spend enough time with the old design but i find myself able to enjoy the site more now than before
[cozbaldwin] 1:43 am: its much more organized. before, i honestly couldnt tell what the hell was going on. so i didnt use it.
[charissa] 1:43 am: FLYBOY
[jleeirwi] 1:44 am: like your sister?!
[flyboy] 1:44 am: CHERRY
[cozbaldwin] 1:44 am: forget about my tight sister!
[] 1:44 am: it's all i can think about now
[flyboy] 1:44 am: she's not tight anymore
[jleeirwi] 1:44 am: ewwww
[flyboy] 1:44 am: yeah I dunno why I said that
[Maxwell] 1:45 am: The group is up
[jleeirwi] 1:45 am: i feel like i am more uncomfortable than coz, and that is wrong lol
[Doris] 1:45 am: wow. look what I missed!
[Maxwell] 1:45 am: Search "Petition For Tally Hall To Include A Vest With Album Two"
[cozbaldwin] 1:45 am: my sister's hot
[flyboy] 1:45 am: Any of you nuebs play World of Warcraft?
[] 1:46 am: ok a line has been crossed here tonight
[Maxwell] 1:46 am: Hahahaha No.
[charissa] 1:46 am: greg
[charissa] 1:46 am: stop talkign about WoW
[jleeirwi] 1:46 am: i hope you dont have a sister lol
[] 1:46 am: i hope you don't really have a sister
[charissa] 1:46 am: you ninny
[] 1:46 am: wow
[flyboy] 1:46 am: jinx!
[jleeirwi] 1:46 am: jinnnx
[] 1:46 am: jinx
[jleeirwi] 1:46 am: jinx again!
[cozbaldwin] 1:46 am: no, i have no sister. But if I did..... i sure hope she isn't hot.
[] 1:46 am: fuck
[jleeirwi] 1:46 am: whoa...
[jleeirwi] 1:46 am: ok good
[Maxwell] 1:47 am: Coz, 'Riss, Doris: Invites are out for the petition group
[Doris] 1:47 am: dagnabbit. I love it.
[Maxwell] 1:47 am: Hehe.
[cozbaldwin] 1:48 am: can i get serious for a moment?
[Maxwell] 1:48 am: yes.
[Doris] 1:48 am: yes
[jleeirwi] 1:48 am: yes you may
[cozbaldwin] 1:49 am: Would someone tell me what is so uninviting about HITS? Why is it people don't participate much with it? I'm not sad about it, im honestly wondering how i can improve things in a way where people contributed like they used to on the old boards and stuff.
[charissa] 1:49 am: coz
[charissa] 1:49 am: i think
[charissa] 1:49 am: the re-done hits is amazing
[charissa] 1:49 am: and i'm not joking
[Maxwell] 1:49 am: It's not incorporated with the main TH site.
[] 1:49 am: get the band to do more stuff and more people will come to the site
[Doris] 1:50 am: I just invited everybody
[cozbaldwin] 1:50 am: oh tango. i try. i really do. I get no support from them either.
[] 1:50 am: seriously i was starting to wonder if they were getting ready to throw in the towel
[Maxwell] 1:50 am: Me too. They pretty much died for two years.
[flyboy] 1:51 am: Coz, here is the answer
[cozbaldwin] 1:51 am: i have asked for a 10 second movie, even from a cameraphone saying "hi, this is *** from Tally Hall. Welcome to Hidden In The Sand dot com"
[cozbaldwin] 1:51 am: some kind of ENDORSEMENT, yknow?
[ChatParty!!!]: Doris has left at 1:51 am
[flyboy] 1:51 am: Coz, they must not like you
[] 1:51 am: i didn't mean get them to do something for the site
[] 1:51 am: i meant get them to do something period
[] 1:51 am: with their career
[flyboy] 1:51 am: because I managed to get the band to sit down and record some stuff for my videogame
[cozbaldwin] 1:51 am: ohh
[cozbaldwin] 1:51 am: well they are now.
[jleeirwi] 1:51 am: do they just say no?
[Maxwell] 1:52 am: Greg, yous a dick.
[ChatParty!!!]: Doris has entered at 1:52 am
[flyboy] 1:52 am: Use it?
[Maxwell] 1:52 am: no
[Maxwell] 1:52 am: you
[Maxwell] 1:52 am: are
[cozbaldwin] 1:52 am: no, i asked a few times and that part was always brushed over. Now im going around them and getting some support from Atlantic Records. but its too early to tell what that will do.
[charissa] 1:52 am: GREG UR A DIK
[Maxwell] 1:53 am: Anyway Coz, have you asked if they would put a link to HITS on their site?
[flyboy] 1:53 am: a long skinny uncut white one with no imperfections
[cozbaldwin] 1:53 am: Ive not asked. I dont feel right about asking for such things
[Maxwell] 1:53 am: Right.
[flyboy] 1:53 am: you do you do this to me
[jleeirwi] 1:53 am: dooooooo it
[cozbaldwin] 1:54 am: Well i asked for the endoresment video, like i said... and didnt have any luck. Granted, maybe theyve just been busy during the time period ive asked. Not really sure.
[jleeirwi] 1:55 am: i'll do one pretending to be them if you want
[charissa] 1:55 am: greg can do it
[charissa] 1:55 am: he sounds like rob
[Maxwell] 1:55 am: I could dress up as Rob...
[flyboy] 1:55 am: Yeah!
[cozbaldwin] 1:55 am: but anyway thats another thing all together. I want the fans to use it. forums, chatroom, galleries, groupie journals, etc.
[flyboy] 1:55 am: Well Coz, in all honesty
[ChatParty!!!]: Doris has left at 1:56 am
[cozbaldwin] 1:56 am: and not many people do. So i wonder why. is it really due to a lack of interest in the band ?
[Maxwell] 1:56 am: Well, they practicly dissapeared for two years.
[jleeirwi] 1:56 am: im sorry i never got around to doing that groupie journal about when awkward stuff happened and rob ended up telling me that boobs were joe's kryptonite
[flyboy] 1:56 am: allt hsoe little internet things that made tally Hall what it was then have all died out
[Maxwell] 1:56 am: Aaaaaaaaaanyway
[Maxwell] 1:57 am: Is the TH 3.0 site going to have forums?
[cozbaldwin] 1:57 am: yes
[Maxwell] 1:58 am: Well, in honesty, I might not use them, because everyone seems established here.
[Maxwell] 1:58 am: I've been meaning to get on the forums, but due to school, moving and general not getting around to it, I haven't gotten around to it.
[cozbaldwin] 1:59 am: so its just a temporary lack of interest in the band.
[Maxwell] 1:59 am: I guess so.
[cozbaldwin] 1:59 am: if the band had never stopped creating and putting out things, you think thered be a lot more people doing things
[ChatParty!!!]: andrew has entered at 1:59 am
[Maxwell] 1:59 am: Most def'.
[] 2:00 am: absolutely
[Maxwell] 2:00 am: ANDREW VESTS NOW!!!!
[andrew] 2:00 am: hey folks
[cozbaldwin] 2:00 am: there's one of them now!
[jleeirwi] 2:00 am: cumberbunds!!....
[andrew] 2:00 am: told coz we'd try to join in
[Maxwell] 2:00 am: sounded pretty good too...
[charissa] 2:00 am: andrew?
[andrew] 2:00 am: see? made it happen.
[charissa] 2:00 am: who's andrew?
[] 2:00 am: i'm andrew
[Maxwell] 2:00 am: no, I'm Andrew!
[cozbaldwin] 2:00 am: its horowitz, people.
[charissa] 2:00 am: no, i'm spartacus!
[] 2:00 am: ...i actually am andrew though
[] 2:00 am: just not the same one
[cozbaldwin] 2:01 am: So.... vests, eh?
[charissa] 2:01 am: hello, andrew
[andrew] 2:01 am: welp
[flyboy] 2:01 am: Let's pretend it's the real Andrew
[andrew] 2:01 am: yeah
[charissa] 2:01 am: good idea, greg
[Maxwell] 2:01 am: Any reason behind the vests?
[charissa] 2:01 am: so, "andrew", we like the vests
[andrew] 2:01 am: we wanted to clean up the look. we've always wanted the colors to be our thing, not necessarily tis.
[andrew] 2:01 am: ties
[cozbaldwin] 2:02 am: a handful of more people were in here but left before or right after the performance due to time.
[jleeirwi] 2:02 am: you guys shouldve been able to talk on the show!
[Maxwell] 2:02 am: True story. BTW Andrew, I'm digging the new instruments.
[andrew] 2:02 am: yeah, didn't even say hi to craig
[andrew] 2:02 am: thanks
[zcode7] 2:02 am: is this really andrew?
[zcode7] 2:02 am: of TH?
[cozbaldwin] 2:02 am: we all felt you guys were much more comfortable this time around and it made for a better performance.
[jleeirwi] 2:02 am: he was kind of annoying
[Maxwell] 2:03 am: It's Andrew's evil robot brother.
[andrew] 2:03 am: yeah; i'll give you one trivia question
[Maxwell] 2:03 am: Yeah, mos' def' Coz.
[charissa] 2:03 am: chaz?
[cozbaldwin] 2:03 am: it is really andrew, everyone.
[andrew] 2:03 am: definitely felt more comfortable. we taped before the show this time.
[jleeirwi] 2:03 am: what's the best kind of bear?
[Maxwell] 2:03 am: Brown.
[charissa] 2:03 am: black bear.
[jleeirwi] 2:03 am: FALSE. black bear
[charissa] 2:03 am: THAT'S DEBATABLE.
[andrew] 2:03 am: wow, who is jleeirwi?
[Maxwell] 2:03 am: Bears
[Maxwell] 2:03 am: Beets
[Maxwell] 2:03 am: Battlestar Galactica
[charissa] 2:03 am: battlestar galactica
[jleeirwi] 2:03 am: my name is jessica
[] 2:03 am: *stunned look*
[cozbaldwin] 2:04 am: was his first interview with that model taped from a different day? Craig hinted it was and he likes to hint at those things.
[ChatParty!!!]: Doris has entered at 2:04 am
[flyboy] 2:04 am: omg that was a female? I had no idea
[jleeirwi] 2:04 am: ummm
[zcode7] 2:04 am: do you guys play at colleges?

[andrew] 2:04 am: k- i recently had a question with bears with someone
[andrew] 2:04 am: yes to coz
[andrew] 2:04 am: yes to zcode7
[andrew] 2:04 am: ross says hi
[zcode7] 2:04 am: YES
[zcode7] 2:05 am: haha hi ross
[jleeirwi] 2:05 am: oh no, its just a coincidence haha
[Maxwell] 2:05 am: Hey Ross.
[cozbaldwin] 2:05 am: wow. that whole show was just cropped from all different days and times put together. weird how they do that.
[zcode7] 2:05 am: i just got his status update on facebook! i can see why he would be tired
[jleeirwi] 2:05 am: or maybe its not, youll never know
[cozbaldwin] 2:05 am: hello Ross!
[Doris] 2:05 am: howdy
[cozbaldwin] 2:05 am: So you didnt even talk to Craig off camera??
[andrew] 2:05 am: ross is already gone. just like that!
[jleeirwi] 2:05 am: hi ross!
[andrew] 2:05 am: no; it was a busy hectic day
[jleeirwi] 2:05 am: oh..nevermind then
[andrew] 2:06 am: we filmed a segment for a future show.
[cozbaldwin] 2:06 am: OOOooooOOOooOOh
[Maxwell] 2:06 am: Tally Hall should really make an effort to get up to Vancouver sometime in the near future...Just saying...
[] 2:06 am: a segment as in another song?
[andrew] 2:06 am: it'll be...bizarre.
[cozbaldwin] 2:06 am: care to share?
[jleeirwi] 2:06 am: what song was it? if you can say that..
[andrew] 2:06 am: wait and see.
[flyboy] 2:06 am: Can it be flyboy's time to ask a millions questions for Andrew to answer?
[zcode7] 2:06 am: andrew, i tagged u in a picture on fdacebook from the pingry show! hope you are not to embarassed lol
[cozbaldwin] 2:06 am: damn
[andrew] 2:06 am: it might not air for a month or two. they're not exactly sure yet
[andrew] 2:07 am: k- gotta go in 3 minutes.
[Maxwell] 2:07 am: But TH is going to be on Craig again in the near future.
[flyboy] 2:07 am: alright here goes
[cozbaldwin] 2:07 am: Hope it doesnt die like the old Spring and a Storm performance
[andrew] 2:07 am: no
[ChatParty!!!]: MANDEEZY has entered at 2:07 am
[andrew] 2:07 am: it was a big production
[zcode7] 2:07 am: oh man i love that song
[andrew] 2:07 am: craig was involved in it
[andrew] 2:07 am: i like the enter sound!
[jleeirwi] 2:07 am: whoa!
[andrew] 2:07 am: classy.
[Maxwell] 2:07 am: Andrew, any new material written?
[] 2:07 am: wow that's pretty cool
[cozbaldwin] 2:07 am: interestinggg
[flyboy] 2:07 am: 1. Plans for the forums on the new site. 2. SxSW next year
[Maxwell] 2:07 am: And if so, how's it coming along?
[andrew] 2:08 am: new material is written. we're holding off on shows to work on the next album.
[Maxwell] 2:08 am: Sweet.
[andrew] 2:08 am: forums should be up in a week
[zcode7] 2:08 am: ahh really?
[zcode7] 2:08 am: thats crazy
[andrew] 2:08 am: or so we're told
[zcode7] 2:08 am: we really all want free vests with the next album, we started a facebook gropu about it
[andrew] 2:08 am: sxsw...not sure
[andrew] 2:08 am: depends on the timing.
[jleeirwi] 2:08 am: i have an odd question...was dr. nolta in T.H.I.S? i thought i saw her name in the credits...
[zcode7] 2:08 am: maybe you guys could like, work on that or something
[andrew] 2:08 am: i CAN tell you...
[andrew] 2:09 am: I told a lot of you we'd send something as a thank you for the mtv contest and general support.
[Maxwell] 2:09 am: I'm really just looking forward to a studio version of Turn The Lights Out. Andrew, the last show I saw you guys at was at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbour, and it just knocked my socks off.
[andrew] 2:09 am: well, the time is soon.
[MANDEEZY] 2:09 am: oh woah
[MANDEEZY] 2:09 am: totally forgot about that
[andrew] 2:09 am: and it shall be a marvelous package.
[cozbaldwin] 2:09 am: is it a vest per person?
[andrew] 2:09 am: thanks maxwell
[flyboy] 2:09 am: Oh yeah I forgot about it too
[Maxwell] 2:09 am: Free tickets to MMMM?
[andrew] 2:09 am: it is not clothing.
[MANDEEZY] 2:09 am: i'd be happy with package peanuts
[MANDEEZY] 2:09 am: or bubble wrap
[MANDEEZY] 2:10 am: hours of entertainment
[andrew] 2:10 am: do you really want me to ruin the surprise?
[] 2:10 am: is it edible?
[zcode7] 2:10 am: it's all the tvs and monitors used in good a box
[charissa] 2:10 am: or paperclips
[andrew] 2:10 am: i will...
[jleeirwi] 2:10 am: hmm package, no clothing....wait
[charissa] 2:10 am: no.
[andrew] 2:10 am: but that won't be as much fun.
[charissa] 2:10 am: andrew
[Maxwell] 2:10 am: Can we just play twenty questions?
[charissa] 2:10 am: do not
[jleeirwi] 2:10 am: ruin the surprise!
[MANDEEZY] 2:10 am: no thanks
[charissa] 2:10 am: shut up, max
[cozbaldwin] 2:10 am: Id be happy with that video introduction/endorsement thing for hiddeninthesand..... heh.
[charissa] 2:10 am: DO NOT ruin the surprise
[MANDEEZY] 2:10 am: rissa seconded
[jleeirwi] 2:10 am: can you get it in a normal grocery store?
[andrew] 2:10 am: coz- forgot about that.
[zcode7] 2:10 am: i would too! coz works pretty hard on that lil' website haha.
[andrew] 2:10 am: sorry. i'll bring it up again.
[charissa] 2:10 am: i vote for HITS endorsement
[Maxwell] 2:10 am: Don't drop the ball Andrew. Don't give in.
[cozbaldwin] 2:10 am: :) k
[zcode7] 2:10 am: ...and thats what i love about this band, you guys are very considerate!
[andrew] 2:10 am: you CAN not get it ina normal grocery store.
[] 2:11 am: is it natural ketchup?
[flyboy] 2:11 am: Andrew, what is it like being the nice caring person in the band
[charissa] 2:11 am: ooh....
[Doris] 2:11 am: RU-IN RU-IN RU-IN
[andrew] 2:11 am: ok. gotta go
[MANDEEZY] 2:11 am: hahahahahaha
[andrew] 2:11 am: thanks flyboy.
[cozbaldwin] 2:11 am: good luck tomorrow night at the largo
[MANDEEZY] 2:11 am: have fun in LA
[charissa] 2:11 am: aw.
[MANDEEZY] 2:11 am: be there on THURSDAY
[andrew] 2:11 am: thats rough though for the rest of em.
[cozbaldwin] 2:11 am: tell jon brion i said hi
[jleeirwi] 2:11 am: bye andrew!
[andrew] 2:11 am: wil do
[Maxwell] 2:11 am: Take care Andrew. Good luck with the new stuff and T.H.I.S.
[charissa] 2:11 am: bye andrew!
[Doris] 2:11 am: by
[flyboy] 2:11 am: bye
[andrew] 2:11 am: thanks for continued support
[zcode7] 2:11 am: good luck to the band and you!
[charissa] 2:11 am: have fun in NYC!
[andrew] 2:11 am: much appreciated
[MANDEEZY] 2:11 am: thank YOU
[charissa] 2:11 am: (but not too much fun)
[zcode7] 2:11 am: PLAY A SHOW in NYC!
[zcode7] 2:12 am: lol
[jleeirwi] 2:12 am: play at show at michigan!
[andrew] 2:12 am: zcode7-- that's happening in october.
[andrew] 2:12 am: no other shows.
[Maxwell] 2:12 am: Vancouver!
[andrew] 2:12 am: bye!
[MANDEEZY] 2:12 am: let them write homez
[cozbaldwin] 2:12 am: Im feeding my turtle!
[charissa] 2:12 am: toodles!
[zcode7] 2:12 am: YES
[Maxwell] 2:12 am: Bye.
[zcode7] 2:12 am: goodbye, i love you all
[cozbaldwin] 2:12 am: that sounded dirty, didnt it charissa....
[flyboy] 2:12 am: Aww, well now that he's gone I hope he didn't read all that stuff we said about them hahaha
[charissa] 2:12 am: monsters in my closet!
[jleeirwi] 2:12 am: hahaha
[charissa] 2:12 am: he's not gone yet, greg
[flyboy] 2:13 am: omg...
[Maxwell] 2:13 am: Great Job!
[jleeirwi] 2:13 am: you blew it
[zcode7] 2:13 am: HAHA
[Doris] 2:13 am: hahaha
[zcode7] 2:13 am: lmao
[cozbaldwin] 2:13 am: you mean all the stuff about their nice new haircuts?
[ChatParty!!!]: andrew has left at 2:13 am
[cozbaldwin] 2:13 am: see i saved you.
[jleeirwi] 2:13 am: nice save
[zcode7] 2:13 am: :-(
[jleeirwi] 2:13 am: hahaha
[zcode7] 2:13 am: hahaha coz u are fckin good!
[zcode7] 2:13 am: i'm so glad they're playing in new york
[cozbaldwin] 2:14 am: i wonder if bora's been sitting in the same room with them though
[Doris] 2:14 am: HAHAHA
[MANDEEZY] 2:14 am: likely
[charissa] 2:14 am: ew bora